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The campsite is closed for the 2023 season.


Welcome to camping!

Espelandsdalen Camping is a small mountain camping about 30 km from Voss center and 10 km from Granvin center. The campsite has a simple standard and is considered very tranquil in its beautiful natural surroundings, with The espeland lake and mountain formations all around. Here are hiking, swimming, and opportunities  for mountain trout fishing.

Arrival before 10 pm in the evening.

Parking for motor homes, caravans and tents.

For rent; 5 single cabins with 3-4 beds. The cabins have cooking facilities but no running water.

Shared toilet facilities and showers with coin automate (NOK).

No Wifi or shop service.

For booking, prices or other questions please contact +47 90 85 02 94 or email.


Here you can do self-service if you do not meet the host on arrival. But feel free to call! The host will contact you and meet you later. Find a suitable parking / parking space.

Note: Be aware that green areas by the water can be slippery for large cars after heavy rainfall.

Be aware when parking and camping:

There must be minimum 4 meters between the units, i.e. mobile homes, tents. etc.

The sanitary facility

Sanitary facilities are located up by the cabins. It is desirable that those who can use their own facilities in motorhomes and caravans, to relieve sanitary facilities and the consideration of infection control.

There is free emptying of car toilets, and refilling of water for guests.

If you have any questions, please refer to 90850294.


Price per unit per day, without electricity rent.
Price includes 1 person in unit, NOK 20 for others.

Free fishing for all guests.

Motorhome and caravans NOK 250,-

Small tent with passenger car NOK 200,-

Small tent with motorbike NOK 150,-

Large tent with passenger car NOK 250,-

Lavvo and large family tent with passenger car NOK 300,-

Cabins (up to 4 people) NOK 600,-

Disposable covers for pillows and duvets NOK 50,- per set

Person fee NOK 20,-

Shower with NOK automat

Connecting power NOK 50,-

Cleaning the cabin kr 200.-

Boat and canoe rent NOK 100,- per hour

Contact info

Elisabeth Såkvitne

Espelandsdalen 1179
5736 Granvin

Phone: +47 90 85 02 94
Email: elisabeth.sakvitne@gisp.no